Tomwhite Bogala - Translator

My name is Tomwhite Bogala. I was born on 7 July 1978. I am married to Kora (8 May 1980). We were married in 1995 and we have four children. Our first born is Clement (2 April 1998) doing elementary 2, second born is Tabulo (girl) doing elementary 1, third born is Jenny (girl, born 4 April 2003), and the youngest is Bogala (boy, born 7 June 2007).

Aluis Simatab

My name is Aluis Simatab. I am married with a wife and two children. My wife’s name is Margaret Simatab; my son’s name is Jotham Simatab who is married with a wife. We have a 16-year old daughter, Miram Simatab, who is still living with us. She is attending the Our Lady Mercy Secondary School in Yarapos, Wewak.


Enoch Mundum - translator

My name is Enoch Mundum, 43 years old and I’m married with six children.  After completing grade ten, I went to a technical school for one year to study carpentry and joinery. I married my wife Julie in 1986.  We have six children: Slony (boy), Jerom (boy), Dephani (girl), Keidy (girl), Ephraime (boy), Adasa (girl);

David Belyeme - translator

My name is David Belyeme, 45 years old, and I’ve been married to Filipa since 1985.  We have four children; Selian (girl), Delsie (girl), Nehemaia (boy), and Roselyn (girl, adopted).   We also have cared for Brian, from the Yawa area, a five-day-walk away, since he was seven years old.

Hionnai Kairum - translator

My name is Hionnai Kairum born on 10 July 1975. I am married to Youri who was born on 20 May 1978. We have two children, a girl named Naumi (6 years old) and a boy named Elisa (three months old). I belong to a Pentecostal Church.

Awi Manga - Language Programme Leader

My name is Awi Manga. I was born in April 16, 1961. My wife’s name is Kamu. We were married in 1990 and we have seven children.  Our first two boys are twins – Tumuwau and Manga (April 17, 1992); Nainai (girl, April 17, 1998); Kauwa (girl, April 10 2001); George (boy, September 19, 2003); Josaiah (boy, April 4, 2007); and Elizer (boy, January 2, 2009).


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