Kaurai Kuram - translator

My name is Kaurai Kuram. I was born in April 19, 1969. My wife’s name is Auta who was born on July 16, 1980. We have five children, four boys and a girl: Elizah (boy, 7 August 1994), doing grade 2 at Wau Primary School; Kuram (boy, 2 March 1997), finished grade 1 but stopped this year and maybe go back next year; Philip (boy, 15 June 2000), has not gone to school yet; Manuai (girl, 27 October 2003), has not gone to school yet; and Kaupop (boy, 12 November 2009). We are all born again Christians and we attend the Moriah Baptist Church.

I went to school and completed grade 10 in 1989 at the Wau Grace Memorial Secondary School. I did not continue my education due to financial problems.

In 1997 the people elected me to be a Village Councilor and I am still serving in that position.  I became a born again Christian in 2009 and I decided to become a translator so that I could help my people to know about God. I promised God that I would serve Him in the translation work and in other ways until I die.

The reason why I am involved in translation work is because I want the people in my language area to read the Word of God in their own mother tongue so that they can repent from their sins and become born again Christians and prepare themselves for the coming Christ.

We need your support in prayer.

Please pray that God would provide for us with the following items in His own marvelous way:

A Laptop computer for our translation work.

Financial assistance to buy materials like pen, pencil, writing pad and books like translator’s notes.

Provision for our children’s school fees.

Sufficient food and clothing for our needs.