Enoch Mundum - translator

My name is Enoch Mundum, 43 years old and I’m married with six children.  After completing grade ten, I went to a technical school for one year to study carpentry and joinery. I married my wife Julie in 1986.  We have six children: Slony (boy), Jerom (boy), Dephani (girl), Keidy (girl), Ephraime (boy), Adasa (girl);



Near the end of 1987 I attended an Easter convention, and God spoke to me through the preacher.  When he spoke of the prodigal son who, for a time, enjoys earthly things and later turns to the Lord, my heart was stirred and I, also, gave my heart to the Lord. I began translation work in 1990.  For twenty years, translating God’s Word has been my focus, and that translated Word has changed me and has become an inseparable part of my life. For example, though historical culture might demand differently, even after a relative chopped off three of my fingertips, I did not seek revenge. 


In addition to my translation work, I served as church secretary in my local church for four years.  I also serve as treasurer and BOD secretary for a school board.