Titias Pamanias - Trainee Translator

I am Titias, one of the men who felt unqualified to work as a translator for my language, but now I am training to work as a translator all my life, if that is what God wants. 


My educational achievement is only grade eight so I feel I am not qualified to become a translator, but somehow I am at the stage of becoming a translator. I am 41 years old, married to Masio. We have four children, two daughters and two sons. The older girl is Moreen (05 October 92), and the younger girl is Olivia, (25 December 97). The older son is Urlich (29 February 99) and the younger son is Livingstone (22 July 02). They are all in school.


In 1992 I was convicted as a criminal and during this time I accepted Christ.


How did God call me to the OT translation project? I was not expecting it but one night before the workshop for Old Testament project began, my church elder walked to my house at night and said, "I am looking for someone to attend the OT project workshop tomorrow but there's no one working with me who is willing to go, so just I registered your name. I paid the course fee so tomorrow you must attend that course.”  I agreed with his will. That's how I joined the Old Testament translation work in 2007.


We ask that you, as brothers and sisters in Christ pray for us for the following:


  1. God to bless us with knowledge and wisdom. I do not have the education and experience to do this work. I am now being trained to become a translator. Please pray that God will enable me to do His work.
  2. Please pray that God will richly bless our four children in their school work.  
  3. Please also pray that the Lord will provide for all our spiritual, financialand physical needs while I am busy with the translation work.


I want to thank God for calling me out of slavery to sin and setting me free to work as a translator through the work of his servant Ainde Wainzo.