David Belyeme - translator

My name is David Belyeme, 45 years old, and I’ve been married to Filipa since 1985.  We have four children; Selian (girl), Delsie (girl), Nehemaia (boy), and Roselyn (girl, adopted).   We also have cared for Brian, from the Yawa area, a five-day-walk away, since he was seven years old.


I completed grade six and later attended Brugam Bible School for five years.  I became a Christian in 1980 and after graduating from Bible school in 1988, I was elected as Pastor for a local congregation of the Musungwik SSEC (South Seas Evangelical Church).  I served in that role for ten years before being elected as a Dreikikir District Superintendant and serving a three year term.  Following that position, I served four years as Associate Superintendant of Brugam SSEC area.


As of 2010, I am serving as a Dreikikir District Chairman, and actively involved in the Urat Bible translation programme.  I am also in charge of a cocoa co-operation, and for promoting the Healthy Island project (water, health and sanitary issues) in the area.