Tomwhite Bogala - Translator

My name is Tomwhite Bogala. I was born on 7 July 1978. I am married to Kora (8 May 1980). We were married in 1995 and we have four children. Our first born is Clement (2 April 1998) doing elementary 2, second born is Tabulo (girl) doing elementary 1, third born is Jenny (girl, born 4 April 2003), and the youngest is Bogala (boy, born 7 June 2007).

I completed grade 1-6 at Boku Community School (now Boku Primary School). I completed my grade 10 education at Kwikila High School (now Kwikila Secondary School) in 1994.

I became a translator among the Rigo cluster group of languages in early 2008 under Kidu Magi. I am translating the Boku New Testament and my goal is to finish it in three years.

When I first joined the translation work I was not fully committed but after I attended the TTC 1 last year it changed my life. Now, I do not want to go back to my old life but wish to serve the Lord fully.

Please pray for my kids so they may do well at school and that the Lord would provide for their school fees. Please pray for financial support so that I can provide for my family while I am doing the translation work. Finally please also pray that I will gain confidence to do this work and that I will trust in God to help me.