Administrative Staff

Get to know each of the BTA staff by reading their stories and be blessed as you read what motivates them to do what they are doing.  

Steven Thomas  (Church Engagement Coordinator/ Asst. Director for Operations) and Elizabeth Thomas (Book keeper and CE Ofice Assistant)

Duncan Kasokason ( Language Programme Coordinator, Alotau/Translation Point Person)

Simon Savaiko (Literacy Point Person/Language Programme Coordinator, Port Moresby)

Steven Ttopoqogo (Language Programme Coordinator, Ukarumpa/TTC Chaplain and Vice Principal)

Julie Mare (Office Manager, Ukarumpa)

Victor Opungu  (Translation Point Person & Consultant; TTC Principal) and Ana Opungu  (Media/Communications)

David Loia (Training Coordinater in training, Ukarumpa)

Bella Konigala (Office Manager, Alotau)

Zaccheaus Oraro (IT Officer in training, Ukarumpa)

Mara Iyama (Language Program Coordinator, Ukarumpa)

Ninau Ephraim (Office Manager, Madang)

Tusy Sete (Office Secretary-Receptionist, Port Moresby)

Serah Sapeni (Janitress, Port Moresby)

Israel Savaiko (Handiman, Port Moresby)

Orim Joel (Church Engagement, Lae)