Tusy Sete - Cashier, Port Moresby Office

My name is Tusy Sete. I’m from Misima Island, Milne Bay Province, in the eastern part of Papua New Guinea.

I was brought up in a Christian family, but like most young people growing up, I wasn’t serious about going to church or having a personal relationship with God. My parents would often tell me that God cared for me and had a purpose for my life. There came a time when I finished college and got a well paid job but I was not satisfied with that so I decided to resign and stay at home. One day as I was sitting down and wondering about my life the word of God came to me in Psalm 42:11. That’s when I realized I needed to come to him with a seeking heart and to depend on him.

Two years ago, a girl from Taiwan named Bella lived with my family for awhile and volunteered with BTA. She told the BTA Director I was looking for a job. The Director asked me to see him the next day. But inside I was not too sure whether to work for a mission organization or look elsewhere.

I’ve now been with PNGBTA for a year as a receptionist. It’s a joy for me to serve God in such a time when PNG is experiencing a boom in the mining and gas industry.

I wait upon God’s direction for my life and career and where He will lead next.