Sakaria Yuaipo - Trainee Translator

My name is Sakarias Yuaipo. I was born in 1964, and am married to Taiwalu Sakarias, who is born in 1975. We have five biological children and two adopted. They are as follows: Seth (2 March 1993), he would have done his grade ten last year but due to financial difficulties he stayed back home;  Emon (27 May 1996), he is doing grade 4 at home; Nisa (12 April 2002), she is doing grade 1; Dera (24 February 2005), she is doing elementary prep; and Tipson (28 July 2007), he is a little one and is at home. Our adopted son and daughter are: Trimeal (1995), he is doing grade10 at Menyamya High School, and Grace (1998), she is living in the village helping at home. She is not going to school due to financial difficulties for school fees for all the children.


I attended Aseki Community School and finished grade 6 in 1980. I went to vocational school in Finchaffen for two years and studied carpentry and joinery from 1981-1982. From there I went to work for Niu Guinea Tablebird as a security person for five years. Later I worked for the BP Oil Company for two years and then I came home.


 I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour, Lord and Master in 1993. I work as a Sabbath School teacher and Elementary School Board Chairperson. As a School Chairperson I run the school.


I was called by God to do His work when I attended the Scripture Application Leadership Training (SALT) Course in 2006 after the dedication of our New Testament in 2004. 

I was convicted by the Word of God, which prompted me to get involved in translation work.

When I read the Bible in Proverbs chapter 3:5-8 and Mathew 6:33, it deeply inspired me to join the work of translation and to translate the Word of God to help my people to read it in their own language and know God who is the Creator of heaven and earth. Thank God for His grace and love. Bless you all.