Robert Eko Ikoliso - Trainee Translator

My name is Robert Eko Ikoliso.  I was born in 1968. I am a translator trainee for the Angaataha Old Testament Translation Project. My wife’s name is Yatusamuwo Robert, born in 1972. She is a housewife. We have five children: Jeneth Robert (born 1990), who is 20 yrs old and married; Lilian Robert (born 1992) who is at primary school doing grade 8; Georgina Robert (born1994) who is at primary school doing grade 7; Jopal Robert (born 2005) and is attending elementary prep school; and Maluwo Robert (born 2008).


I was not a committed Christian, but in February 2008 God called me when I got sick for a night and a day when I passed out for two and half hours. The church elders came and prayed for me and later I woke up and realised that God has a plan for me to do his work. Since that time I made a commitment to the Lord and to the work the Angaataha Bible Translation.


Since beginning this translation work, I leave in the care of our God whatever I need for my family, because He has called me and will provide for me.


My desire is for God to make me His written letter to my family and my people so that when they see my life they will be drawn to God so that all of us will go to heaven.