Matthew Keputung - Trainee Translator

My name is Matthew Keputung and I was born in1974. My wife’s name is Mitingano Eron, born in 1983. We have two children:  Eddy Matthew (May 3, 1996) who is attending Bawas Primary School and is in grade 4; and John Matthew (December 30, 2007).


 I am a translator for the Angaataha Old Testament. I became saved in January 2008 when I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, Lord and Master. On 4 April 2004 God called me to serve his purpose and my village people assigned me to work in the Old Testament Translation Project.


We reside out in a remote area where standard of living is different. We have financial problems due to lack of money to pay school fees, which are very expensive in Papua New Guinea.