Karen Kekeng - Trainee Translator

My name is Karen Kekeng, born 12 April1982. I am still single. On 27 December 2006 I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, Lord and Master at a youth camp through the preaching of Christ by Pastor Ebo Samky, a Principal of the Holy Spirit school.


I went to school and completed grade 10 in 2004. When I went home I became a Sunday school teacher. I am also a trainee translator for the Angaataha Bible Translation, Literacy, and Scripture in Use (ABTLSU). My parents died a few days apart from each other in 2005 which left me looking after my younger sister, Tyla, and my brother, Bernard. Tyla is doing grade 8 and Bernard is doing grade 2.


In 2006 there was a Scripture Application Leadership Training course conducted in my village by Ainde Wainzo, James Namaranso, David Gudiri and Mike Howes of SIL (SALT team leader) and Badi Villa, the BTA SIU Point Person and trainer. During that course Badi Vila told me that translation is vital and it is part of mission work. Missionary work has been my dream so I asked Papa Ainde if I could join the translation team, and he said, “it is your will”. I joined the team.


My vision is to see the completion of the Old Testament in the Angaataha language.  After that I would like to go into missions and be a missionary preaching the Gospel to the world while waiting for Jesus' coming.