Tawala Language Programme

Translation began in 1974 by an SIL team. The New Testament was dedicated in 1985 and Translation work on the Old Testament began straight after this.  This work unfortunately stopped until 2000.


Since then, the work is slowly but surely gaining momentum. Currently there are seven Translators, (still undergoing TTC training), leading the translation work. They are assisted by more than fifteen others, who are taking on the job training. We have translated thirteen books of the Old Testament so far. They are all at various stages of progress.


In March 2008 Jim and Janet Stahl initiated a storytelling strategy with the Tawala team. Partnering with the Stahls over a three year period, we hope to craft and archive between 40-50 Bible stories.


As work progresses challenges are also mounting, but on the other hand, there is no denying the multiple blessings of God. Pray with us to focus on the positive side of things and to regard challenges as the avenues in which God will intervene.


Pray that the Tawala Church will rise up to take ownership of the translation programme. This is already taking place but pray for greater participation.


Pray for a new translation committee as the previous one was inactive for quite a while.


The hymnal has been very popular and more and more Tawala people are either writing new songs or translating public domain material. Pray for personnel and wisdom in compiling these songs which will continue to impact the worship of the people.