Boku Translation Project

Boku belongs to the Rigo Cluster Group of related languages in Central Province. There are more than 3,000 speakers of the Boku language, living in 10 villages. The Boku villages are about 50 kilometers from the Sinaugoro villages.

In 2006 Kidu Magi, a Bible translator from the Sinaugoro language, talked to Roger Pusili, a teacher at Kwikila Secondary School, about Bible translation for the Boku people. In 2007 Kidu came to GoKaTa (Gobu, Kalai, Taito) Village to do translation awareness.  People from other villages (Bina, Baugabuna, Libuna, and Taukomana) also came. During that meeting two young men were chosen as translators: Bruce Pusili (from Kalai Village) and Tomwhite Bogala (Taito Village).

In 2009 Bruce Pusili and Tomwhite Bogala attended the Translators’ Training Course 1 in Ukarumpa. After that they went home and started translating Mark. Since the Sinaugoro language already has a New Testament they are using the key terms used in the Sinaugoro language. They are now waiting for consultant checking.

This year they attended the Translators’ Training Course level 3 (they skipped level 2, which is on the Old Testament) because TTC 3 is the New Testament background, Greek, and translating the gospels. They plan to continue translating Luke, which they started to translate during the TTC 3. 

 They are aiming at finishing the Boku New Testament within 5-6 years using the program.

The Seed Company (TSC) is providing the money for airfares and training costs. The community gave 60 kina for both of the translators when they went to attend the course in Ukarumpa.

They are asking for prayer for a translation office and solar panel to provide electricity for computers. Please also pray that the church will help in the translation work with their financial support and by joining the translation team.

Roger Pusili is the Boku Translation Project Coordinator and Tomwhite and Bruce are the translators.