Urat Language Programme

In 1978, SIL workers Jude and Nate Baker began language work with the Urat people of the East Sepik Province (population, approximately 6,800).  After four years, Robert and Dawn Barnes, also with SIL, took over the programme and several Urat men joined the work: Enoch Mundum, David Belyeme, and Motu Moihlimbe.  In 1996, Enoch and Motu worked alone as a team under the Bible Translation Association (BTA) of PNG.  Hilkka Arminen of SIL joined them in 2001.  Motu left the project in 2003 and David Belyeme rejoined the team in 2007.


Both David and Enoch assist each other in drafting, editing, and crosschecking.  Both are involved in language committee checking and take turns in consultant checking.


As of March 2010, 77% of the New Testament had been consultant-checked.  Three additional epistles are ready for consultant checking while two are ready for language committee checking. The final two books of the New Testament, Hebrews and 2 Corinthians, are being drafted.  The team is hopeful that the completed New Testament will be dedicated in 2014.