Naomi Billy - POM Office Assistant

My name is Naomi Billy. I was born on the 5th of June 1990 at the Port Moresby General Hospital to a young Christian couple who were passionate about God in missions and music. I am the eldest and the only girl among the six in the family. Before I was born, my mom was going to go for a short term mission exposure trip to Fiji on the MV Doulos but she didn’t go because she was pregnant. The day she found out that she was having a baby she invited my dad to have lunch with her on the ship and to tell him the news. On the deck of MV Doulos my parents made a covenant with God by giving me back to Him, to serve Him as a missionary of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each night my dad would lay his hands on my mom’s belly and pray that I would become a missionary. Since that day until my birth and up until today they never stopped praying for me to fulfill that covenant.

I have been involved together with my family at our local church, Waigani United Church, in the music ministry, youth fellowship and other church activities. I completed my Grade 12 in 2009 at Gerehu Secondary School. After that I stayed one whole year at home doing ministry work in our local area and travelling to nearby villages sharing the gospel through singing, dancing and doing one to one evangelism. Although I loved doing these things for God as a young person there was still a big need for financial support in my family for our day to day needs, so, I decided to look for a job. As the eldest I had a responsibility to play in supporting my parents and my siblings. After sending couple of applications to companies I was blessed to work with CJJV at the PNG LNG project, Papa Lealea under LABA Holdings. I worked there for 34 months as an administrative assistant until my contract ended and I stayed home.

After spending one whole year again at home since last year 2014 and the early months of this year 2015 I asked the Lord if it was still His will for me to be a missionary then I would serve Him for the rest of my life either in PNG or overseas. I really wanted to be part of Operation Mobilization and serve right away but I still felt that I had to raise my own support and I didn’t have any, and there was my family who needed my support as well. I didn’t plan to work again in any company but then an opportunity to work with Bible Translation Association was given to me. I asked the Lord again if it was part of His plan to work with PNG BTA. I also sought my parent’s advice before accepting the offer. Finally I was at peace so I took the job as a front desk receptionist.  I believe this is a platform for me in God’s big picture of missions and I am looking forward to what He has in store for me in the work of Bible Translation.

When I was working under LABA I felt that my faith in God was slowly fading away. I was too focused on my job that I made it become my priority or a god in my life and not having time to go to church or even read the Bible. I became too lazy and stubborn in heart and because of that I felt that I was unworthy to fulfill God’s calling upon my life. But then I was reminded through my parents and my closest friends that I was not alone. I had to face these situations to either grow in my faith or give in to the lies of the devil. Through those tough times my parents never stopped loving me and praying for me and that really challenged me. I was convicted by the Holy Spirit that if my parents were able to love me this way and not reject me how much more would my Father in Heaven do to a sinner like me. This made me to change my life and start fresh again in my walk with the Lord. I know change doesn’t take overnight and living this Christian life is not easy but with God on our side He is able to see us through because He is faithful and true to His word. Only by His grace and strength can we be able to overcome. I thank God for Who He is, what He’s done, and for all that He’s going to do in individual lives.

God’s Word is the source of my Salvation. It defines who I am in God and what His will is for me and not just for me but for all mankind. Without the Word of God I am nothing, we are nothing as John 15 vs. 5 says: “I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”(NIV) There’s so much to know about God, His ways and His will in His Word – the Bible. It is His Word that will transform our lives. To God be all glory and praise because He deserves them.