Bonnie Garcia - HR person, POM

I am Bonnie Garcia, divorced, have two adult children, one son and one daughter, both are married. Between the two of them I have 12 grandchildren from 6 years old to 19 years old.  I am retired from the Utah Department of Transportation after 37 years of employment.  I retired as Human Resource Manager over recruitment with 4 staff members and served 1900 employees through the state.

I accepted Christ in my early 30’s, turning my life over to Him when it was in total ruin.  God has been my comforter, my redeemer, my “husband”, my children’s “father”.  He is my All in All!!

Since my retirement God has called me into missions with Wycliffe Associates.  I have been a volunteer at the SIL in Catalina AZ, in India and now He has me here in PNG as the Human Resource Manager for BTA.

I have been called by Him to come along side BTA and help establish a Human Resource Office for a season to train a national as my replacement as HR Manager and then return to the states for God’s next assignment. 

God called me an interesting way.  I had a choice 5 years ago, either to go to India or PNG.  God very specifically told me that “you can go to PNG in your own strength, or go to India in My strength.”  I chose to go to India in His strength.  Two and half years later, God closed the door in India.  I went back to the states wondering what’s next.  God opened another door to PNG.  However, this time, silence. I asked for something from Him, “silence”, anything “silence”, I begged, “silence”.  Basically I said, “You want me to totally trust in You, Okay, I will move forward knowing that You will close the door if this is not of You.”  I am here in PNG.  Praise the Lord!!!

For me the most profound thing that God has done is that God send His Son to die for me before I knew Him.  For me what else could be as unbelievable as having a personal relationship with the King of kings, Lord of lords?  isHisI know that I deserve hell, but by His grace and His grace alone I will be with Him in eternity.

God’s Word is living and breathing.  It is food, the air I breathe.  His Word sustains me in trials, heartache, in joy and wherever He leads me.  And having that personnel relationship, He is always with me, no matter where I am, He knows my needs before I do, He knows my thoughts be for I do.  I love Him.